Engineering and mechanical development, continuous technological process, research in advanced materials, extreme testing: these are the features of our products, this is our work method.

IAS is the new Italian company specializing in the design and manufacture of armoured vehicles. Although it only entered the market recently, IAS works with a highly specialized team of engineers, mechanics, designers and assemblers who boast over 20 years of experience in the field.

100% SAFETY. 100% Made in Italy.
Our company has its headquarters and its factories in Italy.
From our country we have inherited the attention to design and high quality standards in the manufacturing and production processes, well-known worldwide. The design and assembling phases ensure great flexibility. This allows us to offer a wide range of models and to create custom and ad hoc vehicles based on the different needs of each market and each customer.

  • IAS is a recent company, but its team boasts 20 years of experience in the field of armoured vehicles.
  • quality of Italian production.
  • flexible design and production, which allow to create ad hoc vehicles based on the customer’s needs.


IAS mission is to develop, produce and deliver armored vehicles made to operate in high risk areas and for the transport of political establishment VIPs, for Special Forces, Armed Forces and Police operations.

In a world where threat is increasingly sophisticated and efficient, IAS commits to evolve its technical solutions by continuous research for innovation to provide maximum security and operativity in all scenarios.

We do our best to adhere or exceed customer requirements also by means of synergic cooperation with complementary industrial realities in order to grant the ability to propose highly efficient integrated solutions at reasonable costs.

IAS commits to assist its clients by an adequate technical after sales service in order to optimize vehicle use and grant operative capability in the long term.


The IAS product line includes a number of vehicles:

  • Multipurpose Armoured Vehicles for Police / SWAT
  • Special Equipment for Police and Government Services – Armoured – Non-armoured
  • Armoured Vehicles for VIP transport and transport of people in hostile territories;
  • Armoured Trucks
  • Military Vehicles


IAS Armoured Luxury and VIP vehicles are developed to assure security at the highest levels without compromising in luxury finishing workmanship and materials.

IAS Armoured Luxury and VIP vehicles are ideal for Heads of State and high power individuals, such as Corporate Executives who travel by car and want to have an extra level of protection.While granting protection with full door overlapping, all door interiors are being re-worked so to conserve the interior looks and feel of the original OEM luxury vehicle IAS is available to develop specific customizations of its Armoured Luxury and VIP vehicles, by integrating custom equipment such as passenger entertainment systems, satellite phone system and high-end seat leather interiors.

IAS ARMOURING Srl Italian Armoured Solution
Via Moglianese 162 - 30037
Gardigiano di Scorzè (VE)
P.I. e C.F. IT 04384 600278
R.E.A. n. 956103

In partnership agreement with
IAS Canada
Ltd 3379 9th Line, Innisfil Ontario
 , Canada

*The images may not reflect the actual product, for specific features refer to the technical documentation that will be provided on request